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Remember the day you moved into your house? It was an empty shell, a promise waiting to be fulfilled. Fully unlocking that potential is no easy task.  

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Good design means different things to different people. Everyone’s background and life experiences are unique and so too are their tastes and desires.

Embellishments understands this and emphasizes getting to really know and appreciate our clients. We want to have a complete grasp of your dreams and aspirations along with the specific needs that make every room unique and every project personal.

Whether you are just doing a room, undertaking a renovation, or planning a new home, the chances are you are going to underestimate the number of decisions that must be made. And you may not be prepared to make key decisions with contractors standing in your front hall waiting for an answer.

In a city like Boston, we are blessed with an overabundance of choices. One of the ways in which homeowners often go astray on their own is by being distracted by lots of pretty things. Good design requires more than just putting a lot of pretty things into a room - the result may not be pretty at all. Embellishments brings to the table a sense of what the room needs to show off its best qualities, and how to pull together a palate of textures, colors, and patterns that coordinate with each other to create a harmonious result.

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As the project progresses, it moves from concept to construction. With a background in management, owner Abby Forstall possesses excellent organizational skills. Embellishments supervises every aspect of your project, ensuring that every detail is planned in advance and tradespeople are coordinated to ensure a smooth completion of all work. Embellishments brings years of experience managing the skilled craftsmen that bring renovations to life. Embellishments uses craftsmen and vendors that we have personally selected. We know the quality of their products and we know they are dependable. Our professional guidance and project management can save you from making unnecessary and expensive mistakes, avoid the stress, and make your project fun.

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Embellishments has been providing fine interiors for its clients for over ten years. In this day and age where real customer service is rare, Embellishments prides itself on providing the highest quality products and services to its discriminating clientele. The result is an extremely high level of customer satisfaction, on projects large or small. Please take a look at some testimonials from Embellishments clients.