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Why hire a decorator?

Quite often people have a general sense of what they like and specific pieces they love. They have an idea of what they want but they aren't sure how to achieve it. They worry that they might spend their budget and not be satisfied with the result.

Good interior decorators bring vision. They know products and services and have access to items that the general public does not. They understand spacial design and visual flow. They know how to bring everything together to make spaces look great and function well.

Why hire Embellishments?

Embellishments believes in offering beautiful, but practical design. We go beyond just visual enhancements. For today’s living, improvements need to consider how best to enhance people’s time, space and efficiency. The results are a deliberate balance between style and practical elements of every day living.

In addition and most importantly, Embellishments brings the personal attention and thorough attention to detail projects deserve. Although we take working for our clientele very seriously, we strive to make it a fun experience for our clients.

Will choices reflect my preferences or those of the designer?

We do everything to create what you are looking for. While we advise and guide we recognize that these changes are to enhance your life and that of your family. We listen and we listen well. How you live, how you use the spaces you have, while understanding your personal taste and style all contribute to the perfect results.

What if I am too busy to be involved?

We work with many clients that have very busy lives. We often work with clients that enjoy interior design but do not have the time to do it well themselves.

We will work around your schedule to coordinate appointments, and those meetings will be efficient to take full advantage of your allowable time.

Can I get work done while I am away?

Quite often I am asked if not encouraged to do work while clients are away. The dust and mess from de-constructing rooms while renovations or changes begin is more than many want to live through. I have built up the trust of my clients over my tenure with them and I think you will find it works to both advantage by having the “heavy lifting” done while you are enjoying yourself elsewhere.

Do you charge for consultations?

Embellishments is happy to meet with a prospective client and discuss a project with them. It is wise for everyone to be on the same page so a thorough and candid discussion about the project is good for both parties. Using a decorator is a little like dating; you should like and trust the person you are going to be spending a lot of time with.

What if I don’t know if I’m staying or leaving my current home?

I am happy to discuss those issues with you. Deciding whether to stay or move from your current home is a huge decision at any stage in someone’s life. This is what a prospective client just said to me, “Abby, I want to thank you so much for yesterday. It was so good to have you go with us [to see a new condo development.] I valued your opinion…. I just wanted to thank you for your generosity and graciousness. Really, you were so, so helpful. And I will talk to you soon.” L.M. Framingham

Can you help me if I am downsizing?

We work with clients who are downsizing to understand what is important to them. We provide floor plans indicating where their important pieces will go in their new residence, help them part with long held items and decorate and accessorize as needed so their new space feels like home to them. We recognize that sometimes downsizing can be an emotional and difficult time for someone. We are very sensitive to those needs and perform our job in a very delicate and understanding manner.

Are references available?

We encourage all our prospective clients to peruse the Testimonials section of this website. In addition, we are happy to facilitate direct conversations with past or existing clients if that would be helpful.