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If you are looking for someone with a great eye for design and very keen attention to detail you don't need to search any further.  Abby is blessed with both.
See what else Embellishments clients have to say.....

Abby and I worked together to redecorate our master bedroom and then we tackled a complete renovation of our master bath.

Our end result is fantastic. Here are some reasons why Abby’s involvement made it all possible.

— Vision. Abby is a great listener. She listened carefully to what I wanted to accomplish and how I wanted things to look. She did not try to influence the design simply because something is popular or trendy. Abby helped me to create
my vision.

—Simplify. Walking into a tile shop, a paint store, or a granite warehouse, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices. Abby had a great way of making sense of it all. In each case, Abby and I would narrow down our choices to 3 or 4 options that we knew would work. From that point, we’d bring samples home and make a final decision. This technique worked wonderfully.

—Details. Abby and I discussed an endless stream of details: the thickness of the backsplash, the angle of the lights hitting the walls, the location of the towel bars, the colors for the tile grout, and on and on. Working with Abby gave me the confidence to appreciate that no detail was too small and nothing was overlooked.

One other thing - working with Abby made the entire process enjoyable. I would look forward to Abby’s visits to my home, knowing that we’d accomplish a lot each time we had decisions to make or details to review. We worked well together and had a lot of laughs along the way. I never knew that renovating a bathroom could be so much fun — thanks Abby!

Rick Luppy
Waltham MA

“Thank you for your work on the Fine Arts Center. We’ve received nothing but compliments so we definitely had a home run there. That’s why I’m now asking for your help with College Hall.”

Martin Dow
Project Manager, Regis College

”I really can't even begin to tell you how much I love my room! It makes me so happy. Thank god there are talented people like you."

Hilary W.
Westford, MA

"Just wanted to let you know how beautiful the house looks!!! We LOVE the curtains in the master bath. We would not change anything. Also, the pictures above the bed are perfect - the frames are perfect - the arrangement is perfect. The bedroom looks so grand... And the Malta pictures. We stood in front of the wall and gazed at them after we came back from dinner. We can hardly wait to have Dad see "the wall". Love those frames! Thank you so much for putting so much thought into everything you do."

Flora Ocampo and Andrew Abela
Lexington, MA

“Two years ago Abby and Embellishments redid a bathroom in our cape style home and the resulting gem still continues to charm. After all this time I still appreciate how the room really “sings” because of the fine detailing and her understanding of materials and products. Because I know that Abby will create a beautiful and elegant space, I have invited her back to design our Master bedroom.”


“Abby, you did it again. You transformed something ordinary into something extra special. Our new master bedroom is worthy of a design award - it’s that good.

And it’s not just one thing that makes the room “sing” - it;s how it all works together….fine ruling the color palette to the point that it draws you in and you are moved by it, choosing fabrics and materials which are stand alone lovely, but all together create an inspired symphony. Abby Magic.

And inviting! Abby, your introduction of lighting has made such a difference. I look forward to the ritual of retiring to the quietude of the bedroom after a long day. I lower the shades and pull closed that gorgeous English imported linen print drapery. I’ll turn down the bed and then get cozy in the niche that you created, cuddling with my throw on a wingback chair, feet propped up on the ottoman and just read or wind down. The sense of well being that I get from being in that special space is truly wonderful. Abby, thank you so much.”

S. A. Dolgin
Lexington, MA

"Graham's room looks beautiful!! What a beautiful grown up room he has now. I think he will be very very pleased. Thank you so much for your help. And the shades are gorgeous!"

Susanna Peyton
Lexington, MA

"Hi Abby….Your use of space, especially, is nothing short of brilliant. You should write a book on the subject."

Ella Putney Carlson
Dunstable, MA

"I would love to serve as a reference for you. Jim and I were delighted with your services and I would be happy to share that with anyone!"

Beth and Jim Nagle
Lexington, MA

"I am thrilled that my office looks so much better and coherent. When you suggested the "calming" colors that we used, my initial, internal response was 1) I want excitement and energy in my workspace and 2) Abby says this is best, I trust her judgement, so I will accept her recommendations. Based on the direct comments from patients and staff as well as the less direct increase in my business, I made the right choice.

I blame/credit my parents for having strong opinions about visual stuff, and my willingness to accept recommendations when I ask for them and trust the person making them."

Dr. Tim Knight
Knight Chiropractic
Arlington, MA

"Abby you did an absolutely terrific job with your room…especially in such a short amount of time AND with a wall color that was a challenge to work with. Congratulations!"

Matt Paine
Arlington, MA

"I couldn't resist letting you know how many times I walked into the front room tonight to see your work! (6 or 7) Thank you again!…You are amazing! I have told as many peoples I have seen in the last few days about you."

Joanna Flanagan
Lexington, MA

“I first tried a ‘go it alone’ approach, visiting stores and perusing magazines, only to find myself overwhelmed by the range of choices and conflicting advice from salespeople. I then made the sensible choice of enrolling Abby’s services. The initial time we spent helping me figure out my likes and dislikes and what could fit with my lifestyle and sense of esthetics without making a fashion ‘faux pas’ was extremely useful. That made the shopping and furniture selection educational and enjoyable: I was no longer at the mercy of salespeople only interested in pushing their merchandise.
Abby’s assistance in selecting the wall paint colors resulted in a home environment which is both beautiful and soothing. The furniture is beautiful, of high quality and comfortable. In sum, Abby has helped make my townhouse into a home that I and all my guests find absolutely beautiful.”

L. Savadogo
Waltham, MA

“Thanks for doing a great job.  My living room is now warm and complete, just what I wanted.”
K. Samaria
Medford, MA
 “Abby came to us when we were half way through our kitchen renovation.  We were exhausted, tired of making decisions.  Abby, who only had a week to give us, took us by the hand.  By the end of the week, we had our lighting picked out, our tile back-splash decided and she showed us how to finish off the look.  We wish so much that we had called upon her from the very beginning.  She was well worth the investment.”
Beth Kennedy

“One of the best moves as developers of Merrimack Commons was hiring Abby Forstall to stage our model unit.  She transposed a very sterile, uninviting space into a place people could visualize as a home.  Her decorator’s touch and selection of staging has greatly contributed to the overall success of the project.”
Phil Murphy
Partner, Senior Living Constructors, LLC.


“It goes without saying that great style is the lynchpin of any successful interior design endeavor. Surprisingly enough, the same holds true when it comes to choosing the best stone work to showcase in our marketing materials. Abby’s exceptional sense of how a room should evolve into the ultimate living environment is never more evident than in her own kitchen, which we have used countless images of in our print advertising.  Her unique ability to design interiors that sing and that naturally lend themselves to great photography is a rarity, and a welcome one at that.”

Jon Mancini
Interior Stone, Waltham, MA

“Contractors are not typical referrals for Interior Design Professionals.  There are exceptions to all rules including Abby and Embellishments.   Abby excels in the most important skills needed for any project to be successful. Listening and hearing to what the desired outcome should be is critical.   Input for solutions and options that meet the target budget, schedule, and quality the client expects are traits Abby brings to the team.
Diligence is an understatement. Abby uses all resources to insure the result is “perfect”. Details are taken care of with concern for all involved by coordinating  efficient schedules and enough time to perform tasks correctly.   Embellishments is Abby and in all the right areas to compliment everyone’s efforts in renovating one room or an entire home. Add to this, Abby is one of the nicest and considerate people we get to work with in our business.  I could not ask for a better team player on our projects.”
Ralph H. Nay
President, R.H. Nay Associates Inc. Builders & Renovators, Burlington, MA

“If you are looking for someone with a great eye for design and very keen  attention to detail you don't need to search any further.  Abby is blessed with both.  She created a knitwear studio for my business that I couldn't be happier with.  The beauty of her plan is that she designed it by imagining that she was working in my space -  she asked questions that I thought were just brilliant.   She considered details that never would have crossed my mind until the shelving, closets, and tables were built  and it was too late. It was questions like these that led us to a studio space that is very well organized and worker-friendly because it is so well thought out.  Another key  element of her design is that she thought further down the road for my business and took into consideration what my needs will be in the years to come.  She even  created a comfortable chair & workspace where I can sit and work in our house - so that I can be in closer proximity to our children when I need to be.
  The end result is that I am very pleased with my studio - I have a good workspace, all my supplies, tools and finished products have a home, the lighting is excellent and I even have a desk area for my laptop so that I can do invoicing & ordering easily.  It is a joy to be in.  Martha Stewart would love this space.”

Louise Cady-Fernandes
The Hole Thing, Lexington, MA

Whimsical sweaters and accessories


“I reviewed all of your suggestions with my husband and he was very amenable to all of the changes/suggestions you made.  But he was far more impressed as was I on how you worked with what we had and not suggesting we spend hordes of cash to improve things here.  I think that is one of the reasons we’ve never really done anything like this before because so many in your type of business want to come in and make drastic and expensive changes.   You are to be truly commended on how you listen and then work within what a customer is up for.”

M. Vogel
Sudbury, MA

“I wanted to take the time to tell you how much we appreciate your dedication, your energy and very most of all - your keen and discerning eye for color, perfect design and detail.
You have a rare quality that has allowed the basement of our ranch style house, full to the ceiling with boxes and paraphernalia, to be transformed into our future retirement space.   We currently use it every day after long days at work as a calm, peaceful library retreat.   And all our out-of-town guests love it too - as a suite.
The numerous seemingly impossible tasks that you accomplished with our small home are many, but the following stand out and are appreciated beyond our wildest dreams:
-- Working around a huge family heirloom stored in the basement, moving it to a better place in our home.  It is a center piece that our family member would be proud that we saved and treasured as she did in Germany decades ago.
-- Using a solid brick wall as a natural backdrop and finding all kinds of accessories that really pay homage to it.  This is where your eye for color is so very amazing -- painting the brick would have been easier but keeping that natural color has turned out wonderful!!
-- Re-Transforming a 1960’s “old color pale green tiled” bathroom into a spa-like experience without demolishing any of the old tile, saving us huge costs, time and  
-- Adding lots and lots and lots of built-in storage and wonderful lighting for our endless collection of books and our love for reading.
-- Being patient with our limited funding after your design was completed.  Sticking with us and waiting for us to catch up with our unforeseen need for a new furnace was a “small business” nightmare for you that we know “big box” places would not have been able to handle.  But you did - and we thank you more than we can say.”
Signed --
Your client who travels too much and her husband who is a pack-rat”



“We just love our Basement Family Room that you created.  We love to be there as a family.  It is warm and welcoming and we use it all the time.  With regard to our Guest Bathroom on the first floor whenever company comes over they are always commenting on how lovely it is.  Thank you so much!”

N & A Tomasian
Lexington, MA

“I met Abby on a drizzly Saturday morning, in an absolute state of frenzy - that would be me!  She immediately struck me as someone with style, and I was right.
 After coordinating our busy schedules, Abby squeezed in an appointment to come to my home the following morning.  She arrived promptly, and set to work on bringing together three key spaces in my home.  The priority was Paint, and with her keen eye she proposed a color scheme to create that WOW feeling.  Focused on the oriental rug in my living room, she saw a vision based on my personality and my home decor.  The colors she chose were perfect, and it was the best 2 hours spent in paint selection.
 I instantly felt at ease with Abby, and was confident that she would steer me in the right direction to turning my house into the home I have always dreamed of.  I look forward to continuing work with her on other interior designing projects, and my wardrobe.  Embellishments is the company to meet my needs in this new decade.”

H. Reslow
Lexington, MA

"I am happy to report the kitchen is complete (except for a minor woodchip). If you'd like to come by and take a look. It is lovely. Your choices were great. I'd also like to discuss next project, i.e., living and dining room."

Donna Wilson
Lexington, MA

"We cannot thank you enough for all that you did to help us complete our bedroom. We love the transformed space and could not have done it without you."

Nick and Courtney Lauriat
Lexington, MA